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Our Mission

The Olde Jamaica brand is dedicated to providing natural hair loss treatments and beauty productsmade with ingredients historically known for promoting regrowth, as well as healthy hair and skin.

About Us

Preferred Products, Inc is a Jamaican family-owned business, located in the Orlando, Florida area. We carry natural hair loss remedies, as well as other products that encourage hair repair and skin-care.

Our Coconut Oil Leave-In is our most recent release. It is formulated with pure organic coconut oil, which is known to retard hair loss, promote regrowthimprove scalp health and add luster and life to dry, damaged hair.

The Olde Jamaica catalog also includes Herbal Gro, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter Cream and Jamaican Black Castor Oil products.

Give us a call to locate a store in your area that carries our products.



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